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I used an email program I don’t normally use so that it wouldn’t ever come up as my “inbox” or “email” app on my phone and I wouldn’t have to toggle between accounts.For the separate email I have a similar username to my online dating profile, and I do not list my full name.As part of our company policy, we will not be able to accept returns or provide refunds for items which are the wrong size.After confirming your payment, we usually ship products out within 24 business hours.I very much prefer the compartmentalization of dating into one tidy email box.

You do not have to create it all right away, I regularly tinkered with mine for months and I still check it every now and then to see if it needs a tweak.

If you haven’t dated online before, it’s a whole new world. I started dating almost immediately after splitting with my ex-husband.

Even for the experienced, apps, etiquette, and expectations shift regularly. I know people who have been divorced for years who are still not ready. This is one of the first things I did and I’ve never regretted it for a second.

People now text the person they’re dating all the time and this remains kind of wild and weird to me. Do not date because other people are wondering why you haven’t started yet. My regular email is the one I have pulled up at all times, the one with my name on it, the one that’s tied to my Google profile complete with picture.

But welcome to the present, I want you to enjoy it, so here’s a primer to help you get started and get comfortable. This post is for you if you are looking to get into online dating after divorce, with or without kids. If it’s been more than 5 years since you were online dating, also great. Do not date because it seems like it’s been long enough. So before I started online dating, I set up a new email account that’s not tied to my regular one.

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