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Keep trying lower frame and kbps(your bandwidth speed) until you can work without your cam freezing.

Another thing, JCI is programmed to give preferance to your video speed, not your audio.

but I shut it all diwn & when logged back in it was ok.

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15 frames and 250kbps is not optimal, but it is adequate to work on, I have used less and got by. 30 frames per sec means the customer will see 30 pics of you in fast succession so your movements are smooth and look normal.

15 frames per sec, and he will see 15 pics of you per sec, so your movements will be slower.

Hopefuly someone a bit more knowing will be along soon.

Have you tried just logging out of anything & rebooting your comp/laptop? I had it lag before was doing it for a couple of hours was getting annoying in shows as they would go "where you gone it froze".

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If guys are complaining about a black screen for a few secs before your picture appears, turn Buffering to off.

1,000 kps and a frame rate of 30 would be best, do you know your internet speed?

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