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There's a lot to love about our beloved city and there's a lot to envy, but the thing that makes us truly unique is our relationships with each other. We put our heart into making meaningful connections that lead to long-lasting relationships.

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What makes us different is our key dimensions of personality that will match you based on your beliefs and values as well as what matters most to you in your significant other.

Viewing your matches is absolutely free, so why not register and see who you're matched with?- Free to create your profile with photos, favorite list, ban list and blogs. - Free to send and receive messages, winks and e-cards, chat, rate profiles and photos. - Find your match safely and quickly using our matchmaking service. Well, one year after thanksgiving, I was closing the table up and... I leaned over a little too close and pulled hard....pinched my nipple in between the two sides. One time, my mom leaned over the stove to turn off the burner, and she leaned down more than she should of(cuz it was a short stove) and burnt her nipple. Don't tell him I said that or I will never catch up with him. My latest trick (in about March) I was making bottles for my twins, I was shaking the boiling hot water with the powder when the top of the container came off and the boiling hot water landed all over me. I do feel sensual without a bra, sometimes sexy, and always comfortable! My poor left breast is now left with a scar from the water ... I was still nursing at the time too and couldn't do it for a while cause the nipple had blistered over too!!! just the sensation of your nipples circling and bouncing against the fabric is something that you dont' get if they're all 'locked up'. I would knock myself out with my breasts, knock someone else with my breasts, and possibly step on them!!! LOL) DDDs without a bra is just not a good thing!!! and having a bra on can be quite nice as well (there are some very sexy bras out there)... Well either way I'm a boobs man so as long as I get to play you'll get no complaints from me!