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In general, I’m pretty surprised at how all this “new boyfriend in our apartment” situation has gone down with my cats.

I thought for sure Cosmo would be the standoffish one, jealous and cautious about anyone who seemed especially close to me.

That’s right — Angie got a new boyfriend, and he spent a fair amount of time in our apartment.

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She’s not acting unfriendly — she’s just not all up in his business like she sometimes is with my female friends. Her best human friend is my son Ben, who recently left for college, so it’s not strictly a thing about males.A few times she has taken a place in his lap and purred, but her behavior is a little more reserved than usual. But to be fair, Phoebe has been around for most of Ben’s life.You are an adult who entered into an agreement with another adult, where the two of you exchange time for an emotional and sexual connection.Now it sounds like he would like to change the terms of said agreement.I made it clear from the beginning that I'm not interested in a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

Do you think I'm overreacting or is he trying to take advantage of me?

Soon, Cosmo felt comfortable sharing up-close-and-personal space with Chris alone.

Phoebe, on the other hand, is still trying to figure out the whole situation.

Oddly enough, Cosmo was first to attempt a connection.

It started with my kitty wedging his way between us whenever we were close together.

We live over an hour away, but we get together every week. We haven't talked about being a couple yet but we agreed on being exclusive sexually as soon as it happened.