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The hands have red knuckle lines, and the body is marked 4 on her back and on the soles of her feet.

The light beige color of the wood and composition body is much paler than the more tan and pink colors the SFBJ used later.

She has slanted eyelashes, multi-stroke eyebrows, four teeth set in an open mouth, and a chin dimple.

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She has threaded blown glass set eyes and four teeth.Notice the slanted eyelashes and the molded eyelid line and chin dimple.She has four tiny teeth in an open mouth and multi-stroke eyebrows.There is some speculation that she was the "poupee mannequin" Friquette, of the girls' weekly journal, Fillette from 1909 to 1914.This lovely SFBJ Eden Bebe size 1 (17.5 inches / 44,5 cm) below was purchased by a collector in Belgium, wearing this handmade print cotton dress and her original honey-colored human hair wig; later she moved back to France, and just recently, she arrived in America--still just as beautiful.

She has a papier mache body and legs, with turned wood arms and composition hands. This is a much larger size 6 Eden Bebe made by the SFBJ during the WWI era, with set paperweight glass eyes and original human hair wig.

Their endearing face is less known and the dolls are less frequently found than some of the other SFBJ molds.

Above is an incassable size 4 SFBJ Paris, on her fully articulated body, with threaded glass eyes.

She is marked only 7/0Here is another small Eden Bebe made by the SFBJ who is 28 cm, or 11 inches.

Her head is marked 8/0, and her fully articulated SFBJ body and feet are marked 2.

Shown here is a size 2/0 bisque Eden Bebe of 12 & 1/2" (32 cm) marked 2/0 and F.