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But in spite of all this the tenants did not agree to grow indigo ; and ultimately the Sathi factory had to give up indigo cultivation.Thus a heavy load was taken off the shoulders of the tenants.Sitalrai devoted himself heart and soul to the uprooting of the system of indigo 34 SATYAGRAHA IN CHAMPARAN cultivation.

for good behaviour and many were made special con- stables.

A memorial that was submitted to the Lieut.-Governor evoked no satisfactory response.

Some people went so far as to devise means for driving out the planters.

On re- turning home from the fair the tenants began to talk among themselves about these matters and their ideas began to grow.

This news spread to the neighbouring villa- ges also. One Shaik Gulab had taken a prominent part in stop- ping indigo cultivation in the Sathi villages. Shaikh Gulab had to suffer imprisonment and much pecu- niary loss for his activities but he rose very much in the estimation of the villagers.

They began to look up to him as their true friend and leader.32 SATYAGRAHA IN CHAMPARAN But it was not to be expected that the factory would take things lying down.It found out another means of realizing money from the tenants, so that the loss of indigo was made up in another way.It is said that the tenants had so organized themselves that on hearing a particular singular sound, the tenants of several villages would assemble in no time at a particular place.On the 16th October, 1908, the tenants commenced the disturbance openly and a certain peon of the Parsa factory was assaulted.People say even now that in those days the military police and the Gurkhas oppressed them very much, and particularly the tenants have not yet forgotten the name of Inspector Knight, nor can they forget those black days.