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A pregnant woman is live vlogging her birth on Facebook to 26,000 strangers - despite being induced as a medical emergency.

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Many users ask for personal data upfront, including location, age, and gender, something kids might supply (not realizing they don't have to).

Adults wishing to chat anonymously may find use in this app, but kids should be kept far away.

An induced labour is one that is started artificially. Every year, one in five labours are induced in the UK.

Sometimes labour can be induced if your baby is overdue or if there is any sort of risk to you or your baby's health.

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Talking to the camera, she said: 'I'm not one for getting nervous but goodness me I am feeling all the nerves.'I'm sweaty and I'm flushed and I'm freaking out just a little bit.

We really don't know how all this is going to pan out.'We know we are having a baby. It's all a completely new experience for us.'I'm a very honest person and think it helps to share real life stories that aren't sugarcoated - be it good or bad, sharing my life is what I do so I didn't want to stop just because things got hard and difficult.'She added: 'We've had two healthy and beautiful children - a five-year-old and a two-year-old - with relatively straight forward pregnancies and relatively straight forward births.'This is all very nervous and pretty nerve racking really to get my head around everything that is getting on.'Doctors said there was 'no point' in dragging the pregnancy on further and chancing luck, insisting it was 'time to get the baby out'.

She endured high blood pressure, extreme morning sickness and placenta problems and has had to have 19 scans instead of the usual two.