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Štefánik owed to Janssen and Camille Flammarion his social, political and scientific career.

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His studies were financed largely by Czech associations, including Českoslovanská jednota (Czechoslavic Unity) and Radhošť since he could not afford them himself.In Prague, he wrote political and artistic texts in which he tried to inform the Czechs of the disastrous situation of the Slovaks at that time.Rozgonyi Cecilia -- Soliman alma -- Koronát szerelemért: Vizkereszt ünnepe. A tatárok -- Bacsó Tamás (Magyar historiai novella): A tor. Számadás -- A basi-bozuk -- A gyerkőcz -- Az ellenséges koponyák -- A mennyei parittyakövek -- Egy bukott angyal.Between 19, he was co-director of the Mont Blanc observatories company.

In 1907, Štefánik received the Prix Jules Janssen, the highest award of the Société astronomique de France, the French astronomical society.He thus established his own reputation in French scientific society.He worked with Gaston Millochau, a member of the Académie Française, which made some of its members read his work.In Tahiti, he also built an observatory and a network of meteorological stations (rumour has it that much of his time in the Pacific Ocean was spent on spying on German positions).Between the trips, he regularly returned home to Košariská (the last time in 1913 for his father’s funeral).He attended schools in Bratislava, Sopron and Szarvas.