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"It was just the right place for me to go," says Lewis. She brought the songs in.' I don't know if he realizes how crucial that was for me at that time.

Everything, from the artwork to the song choices to the choices I made in regard to the collaborators, I think it just reflects , none more so than when she openly refuses a hypothetical marriage proposal from Rice on the track "Aloha & the Three Johns," playfully claiming "I look terrible in white," or on the bridge of lead single "Just One of the Guys" when she so matter-of-factly sings, "There's only one difference between you and me/When I look at myself all I can see/I'm just another lady without a baby." "I'm an American woman in her late 30s," says Lewis. Plan B was the pharmaceutical approach, which did not work for me either.

"I'm surrounded by my friends who have moved on to the next phase of their lives and I'm still in this other phase. I've referred to myself as 'the slowest moving train.'" itself was its own kind of protracted experience for Lewis. That's kind of the no-brainer-if you can't sleep, take an Ambien.

"It started with one clothing rack and it expanded," says Lewis.

"It's not fair, really [to Johnathan]." Currently hanging amidst her collection of outfits is her rainbow suit, the colorful, airbrushed jacket and pants that Lewis adorns on the cover sleeve of her third solo album .

"That's really exciting to me, to kind of go and take my suitcase of songs and see what happens with the next one, give over part of it to someone else," she says. I love writing songs alone, but I love collaborating, bringing another song into the universe that would never have been there otherwise.

Over the years, I've tried to make it a policy never to step foot outside without my camera in my pocket."But that helped me get things on track, knowing that the biggest career opportunity of my life was a year out and I may not be able to be a part of it." In the wake of the tour, Lewis finally decided to try her hand at some recording.Though she didn't know him very well, Lewis off-handedly contacted Ryan Adams to see if she could come by his Pax-AM Studio in L. "When the stakes aren't very high, I tend to flourish," says Lewis.Before coming to in September 2012, Dana Guthrie was digital editor of several community news websites in the suburbs of Houston.Guthrie began her career as an entry-level reporter in the Clear Lake area and worked her way...To ensure that I can continue updates, older images will be replaced with newer ones.