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To successfully create a discovery data record (DDR) for a computer, Active Directory System Discovery must be able to identify the computer account and then successfully resolve the computer name to an IP address.Use this discovery method to search Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) to identify user accounts and associated attributes.For mobile device clients, this DDR is created by the management point that is being used by the mobile device client.

In addition to maintaining the database record, this method can force discovery of a computer as a new resource record or can repopulate the database record of a computer that was deleted from the database. The default schedule for Heartbeat Discovery is set to every 7 days.If you change the heartbeat discovery interval, ensure that it runs more frequently than the site maintenance task When Heartbeat Discovery runs, it creates a DDR that contains the client’s current information.Discovery of large groups can require extensive use of bandwidth and Active Directory resources.Before you can create collections that are based on extended Active Directory attributes (and to ensure accurate discovery results for computers and users), run Active Directory System Discovery or Active Directory User Discovery, depending on what you want to discover.The following methods are used to identify the subnet mask of an object: When discovery identifies an IP-addressable object and can determine the objects subnet mask, it creates a discovery data record (DDR) for that object.

Because different types of devices can connect to the network, Network Discovery can discover resources that cannot support the Configuration Manager client software.

Use this discovery method to search the specified Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) locations for computer resources that can be used to create collections and queries.

You can also install the Configuration Manager client on a discovered device by using client push installation.

Network Discovery searches your network for IP-enabled resources by querying servers that run a Microsoft implementation of DHCP, Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) caches in routers, SNMP-enabled devices and Active Directory domains. You also configure one or more discovery mechanisms that enable Network Discovery to query for network segments or devices.

You can also configure settings that help control discovery actions on the network.

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