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Most of the other episodes were written by Tony Barwick, with Shane Rimmer contributing six scripts.

Although not as successful as Century 21's previous efforts, Nine-year-old British schoolboy Joe Mc Claine is the adopted son of Professor Ian "Mac" Mc Claine, a computer expert.Outwardly, the Mc Claines are an unexceptional father and son; they live in an antiquated Elizabethan-style cottage overlooking Culver Bay in Dorset, and are waited on by their housekeeper, Mrs Harris.Yet, residing in a secret underground laboratory is Mac's latest invention, the "BIG RAT" (Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record And Transfer), a machine capable of recording knowledge and experience from leading experts in various fields and transferring it to another human brain.At the heart of the design is the "Rat Trap": a spherical, rotating cage in which a subject is seated during the transfer of "brain patterns".Despite the existence of a global government and intelligence organisation, the nations of Earth are still politically divided into Western and Eastern blocs; here, Cull argues, Joe 90 is similar to other Anderson series in that it "unashamedly capitalized on the Cold War cult of the secret agent whose skills defend the home from enemies unknown". "Arctic Adventure" and "Attack of the Tiger" combine the threat from the East with the hazards of nuclear technology: in the former, Joe must recover a stray atomic warhead from the ocean floor while avoiding enemy submarines, while in the latter, he is tasked with destroying an Eastern nuclear device that is about to be launched into Earth orbit.

By contrast, an episode that presents the benign aspects of such technology is "Big Fish", in which Joe labours to remove a defective nuclear submarine from the territorial waters of a Latin American police state.Joe 90 is a 1960s British science-fiction television series that follows the adventures of a nine-year-old boy, Joe Mc Claine, who starts a double life as a schoolchild-turned-superspy after his scientist father invents a device capable of duplicating expert knowledge and experience and transferring it to a human brain.Equipped with the skills of the foremost academic and military minds, Joe is recruited by the World Intelligence Network (WIN) and, as its "Most Special Agent", pursues the objective of world peace and saving human life.I was really likening it to magnetic recording, where material could be stored or transferred to another tape." When it came to naming the lead character and, from that, the name of the new series, Anderson recalled that on one of his earlier productions, Fireball XL5, the surname "Ninety" had been an early proposal for Colonel Steve Zodiac, and selected it for the new schoolboy protagonist.The script for the pilot (titled only in production documentation as "The Most Special Agent") was written by Anderson and his wife, Sylvia, as was the custom for every new puppet series that the couple developed in the 1960s.An example of the advanced technology demonstrated is Professor Mc Claine's "Jet Air Car": a multiple-configuration land-, sea- and air-based vehicle built prior to the events of the series.