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"Say to her, 'If nobody was drinking a beer, would you? '"Teens aren't pairing off just in the evening; they're also hanging out together right after school.

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Kids still start pairing off around the same age (between 12 and 14, with more serious relationships usually reserved for the later teen years), and parents still worry about them experimenting with sex.But these days, there's even more reason for concern.Kids also use their cell phones to spread the news about parties.Beck demands that her daughter turn off her cell at on weeknights and at midnight on weekends (before this, calls were coming in as late as a.m.! If you're concerned about calls your kid is making, another strategy is to use shared minutes on family plans; that way, you can scrutinize the phone bills.Still, in all likelihood, they won't want to hear the particulars from you.

In fact, a recent survey showed that most kids are getting their sex info from the Internet.

That's where you come in: Be sure to talk to your child often about what your expectations are, whether they concern sex or drinking or relationships.

And ask your teen to think about what she would do if she weren't in a group, says Sabrina Weill, author of The Real Truth About Teens and Sex.

"Parents need to understand that this is a very real risk," says Parry Aftab, executive director of

Wanda Yee, a mother of three daughters from Ridgeway, New Jersey, requires that they keep their My Space accounts set to private, an option offered by the site so that parents can determine who has access to their kid's page.

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