Robert De Niro, 74, slammed President Donald Trump in a recent interview as a "blatant racist," and "jerk-off-in-chief" and other things, yada, yada, yada -- proving, once again, why it's those on the left, not this commander-in-chief, who need psychiatric assistance.

So Steve Bannon's out at Breitbart, the somewhat natural next chapter in the "Fire and Fury" saga that brought -- well, fire and fury from the White House for his book-noted criticisms against President Donald Trump and family. A federal judge in California ruled that President Donald Trump's move to end the Barack Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was misguided and therefore must remain in place.

Oprah Winfrey gave a good speech at the Golden Globes -- a rousing, pertinent, timely and even touching speech.

Diese lassen sich grob unterteilen in: Analyse der Energiesituation in Melle Genehmigt wurde die Förderung der Klimaschutzmanager für zwei Jahre.Gefördert wird die Stelle der Klimaschutzmanager durch das Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit (BMU) den Projektträger Jülich (PTJ) de/.Zielgruppen sind die Verwaltung mit ihren Gebäuden, die Bürgerschaft aber auch ortsansässige Unternehmen.Dabei haben alle Projekte und Maßnahmen das Ziel Energie, CO Da Klimaschutz eine Querschnittsaufgabe ist, sind die auf Melle zugeschnittenen Projekte und Maßnahmen breit gefächert und haben unterschiedliche Schwerpunkte.Well, well, well, turns out even Michael Wolff, author of the "fire and Fury" book that has sparked such national discussion about the Donald Trump White House, admits that not everything he wrote is true.

Leigh Corfman, the Alabama woman who told the media in the lead-up to the special Senate election for Jeff Sessions' seat that Roy Moore sexually molested her when she was 14, has now slapped a defamation suit against the former judge.

Ausführlicher gesagt: Die Bundesregierung hat das Ziel formuliert, die Treibhausgasemissionen bis zum Jahr 2050 um 80 % bis 95 % (gegenüber 1990) zu reduzieren.

Außerdem soll der Primärenergieverbrauch (Betrachtung des Energieverbrauchs von Anfang an) bis 2050 um 50 % gesenkt werden (gegenüber 2008).

Thing is: Democrats really don't care what Trump said.

They only care about how they can use what they said to attack him politically. Luis Gutierrez took to national television to call out President Donald Trump as a neo-Nazi and KKK leader. And not to the cushy, cozy home of his fellow anti-American elites in Illinois, but rather to Puerto Rico, his home of descent, the home he oh-so-proudly hails from while making political points against conservatives -- the home he mentally channels while dinging the president as a racist and a bigot and an enemy of the poor.

President Donald Trump reportedly suggested the United States shouldn't take in immigrants from Haiti or other "s---hole countries" because they do little to bolster an America First agenda -- and now the world is on fire, tittering about racism and vulgarities and the foul-mouthed impoliteness of this White House commander-in-chief.